Still have doubts about the effectiveness of social media? Think the benefits of twitter are as clear as mud? Even though I work in this space daily, I have experienced it on a new level over the past couple of days. And, I am personally and professionally happy to say, it does work… very effectively!

I hit a new level of frustration when for some inexplicable reason, my new insurance plan was canceled the day after it was paid. WHAT!!? Noticing this error on the online portal initiated hours of frustration with no resolution. I have a page full of notes with dates, contact names, call reference numbers, reference ID numbers and a whole host of other bits of dead end information. After many, many infuriating hours spanning several weeks I even enlisted my insurance agency in hopes they would be able to connect with someone helpful through a different avenue. No such luck.

So, I took to twitter…

1/22/15 I sent this tweet at 8:22 AM

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Frustration turns to @Humana = #FAIL

Never have I ever punched the #-F-A-I-L keys with more vigor. And low and behold, in little over an hour @HumanHelp had reached out to me.

Wait, Twitter really does work?

Wait, Twitter really does work?

And by Friday, January 23 at 1:29 PM, Sarah from Humana called to inform me everything had been straightened out and both my daughter and I were covered. What I could not accomplish in 22 days of agonizing phone calls, torturously long holds, being passed around more than a hot potato, was solved less than 48 hours later… and all from one tweet – @Humana = #FAIL.

So, if you still don’t think social media is a valid and extremely important piece of your overall marketing and brand reputation and management strategies, perhaps it’s time to reconsider. Give Collective Marketing a shout or better yet, tweet us at @CollectiveMK and let us help you develop your social media strategy for #success.

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